The XVideo extension has only recently been added to the chips driver. This problem has been reported under UnixWare 1. Because the rendering is all done into a virtual framebuffer acceleration can not be used. The effect of this problem will be that the lower part of the screen will reside in the same memory as the frame accelerator and will therefore be corrupt. The following options are of particular interest to the Chips and Technologies driver.

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Display Adapters – Chips And Technologies – Chips And Technologies 65550 Computer Driver Updates

It should be noted that the dual channel display options of the require the use of additional memory bandwidth, as each display channel independently accesses the video memory. Additionally, the ” Screen ” option must appear in the device section.

Note tecn all of the chips except the rev A are 3. As mentioned before, try disabling this option. That would explain the corruption issue. The forms given below are the preferred forms. The order of precedence is Display, Screen, Monitor, Device. This is the first chip of the ctxx series to support fully programmable clocks.

Which results in the x mode only expanded to x The HiQV series of chips have three programmable clocks. I’ll edit this post once I have. It should be noted that if a flat panel is used, this it must be allocated to ” Screen 0 “.


Really adn the form factor!

Therefore the server uses a default value of The xx MMIO mode has been implemented entirely from the manual as I don’t have the hardware to test it on. By default it is assumed that there are 6 significant bits in the RGB representation of the colours in 4bpp and above. I’ve been trying to restore and I’m having a difficult time with finding video drivers for Win98 in particular – Most of Windows’ built-in CHIPS drivers actually cause horrible video corruption the second the system tries to display anything that isn’t text mode, the Windows bootsplash or xx16 colors though the GPU can apparently do xx fine.

A similar level of acceleration to the is included for this driver. If you have a problem with the acceleration and these options will allow you to isolation the problem. Further to this some of ttech XAA acceleration requires that the display pitch is a multiple of 64 pixels. The exception is for depths of 1 or 4bpp where linear addressing is turned off by default. Kinda funny, I shoulda figured that.

Chips and Technologies Free Driver Download for Windows 98SE, 98 () –

Note that it is overridden by the ” SWcursor ” option. However the panel size will still be probed. This is useful to see that pixmaps, tiles, etc have been properly cached. Although the authors of this software have xhips to prevent this, they disclaim all responsibility for any damage caused by the software.


WW Memory bandwidth requirements exceeded by dual-channel WW mode. If you are driving the video memory too fast too high a MemClk you’ll get pixel corruption as the data actually written to the video memory is corrupted by chi;s the memory too fast.

Try deleting theses options from xorg. In addition to this many graphics operations are speeded up using a ” pixmap cache “.

Otherwise it has the the same properties as the That is from 0 to for 8bit depth, 0 to 32, for 15bit depth, etc. This option will andd the detected amount of video memory, and pretend the given amount of memory is present on the card.

For LCD modes, it is possible that your LCD panel requires different panel timings at the text console than with a graphics mode. The ” FixPanelSize ” can be used to force the modeline values into the panel size registers.

The programmable clock makes this option obsolete and so it’s use isn’t recommended. The reason for this is that the manufacturer has chops the panel timings to get a standard EGA mode to work on flat panel, and these same timings don’t work for an SVGA mode.