This circuit will stabilize so that the voltage on R2 is the forward junction drop of T1 and that is how we can control the current going through the LED. Sparkfun has the module available here: Also explains connecting to a Rails app. Sample code for flying AR. Next, I define a fixed table of colors that will be cycled through.

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The next step is to use a switching power supply that will be much more efficient, whatever the input voltage is. You can see that the Makefile makes it a lot easier than typing those lines out, one by one.

High Power 3W RGB LED

Keypad – Read a matrix keypad. If using the sensor to sense current, be sure to do so in an environment with no other fluctuations in local magnetic fields! Supports bipolar, unipolar, and 3-phase unipolar stepper motors. The first section is very similar to the files for other examples rrgb the class.

Open source successor to Jonny Galvo. And give you access to input and output options, too. SD card libraries, logging and plotting packages. The define lines are C macros which are coolob-high a search-and-replace done by the preprocessor before the code is compiled. Information on logging and plotting Arduino data.


Updated WiiClassicController A modified version to the two above libraries. The accompanying VB application can also be used as a general purpose terminal utility to talk to other serial devices. Interfacing with the BMP barometric pressure sensor. It has been programmed to use like a numeric thermostat scheduler.

High Power 3W RGB LED :: Solarbotics

The user can easily fire action inside a menu hierarchy. They can connect to the Arduino via a MicroLanor more directly. The Wiimote library supports bidirectional communication between Wiimote and Arduino, with two APIsone for sporadic updates and one for poer streaming. Make sure it can switch 40V to be on the safe side. No Android Programming Required Annikken Andee Don’t need iOS or Android programming to create functional mobile interface, buttons, sliders, graphs, text input and many more for customisation.

Sources for Electronic Parts. Thermistor4 There are also ways to access the excellent Dallas 1-Wire temperature sensors.

Video, images and sketch coolon-hgh to manage 6 servos from a joystick Controlling up to 8 servos with Pololu Micro Serial Servo Controller. An introduction to building DIY intervalometers, covering optocouplers, blocking timing, and two forms of non-blocking timing Hack a Canon camera and control it with an Arduino: Issues of static vs dynamic IP address covered. If you start writing more complicated code, you may find the simulation and debugging tools of Atmel Studio more worth the effort to set it up.


The tutorial link gives you all the “getting started” information you will need. Works with all cameras that are compatible with the Canon RC-1 remote. Send commands to the display via SPI. WiFi See also the “wire-less” section for other communications channels without wires, e. Library code poeer examples available.

Simple code, could the basis for reading other 1-Wire devices. Interface to Arduino over a single bit. Arduino software and shield compatible board drives 70 LEDs through 70 individual channels i. The Clock – a DCF77 clock with extraordinary noise tolerance. Example xylophone with wine glasses built with the Software Servo Library. Talking to a Wii Nunchuk.