Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3. Your request will be routed to the appropriate person and someone will be in contact with you very quickly. To that end, his preliminary report mentioned a variety of public and private guidelines and publications on roadway design and traffic control devices. At GRT Utilicorp, we are focused on customer service. Contact Us We want to hear from you! Therefore, the motion as it applies to Dr.

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D in Mechanical Engineering and is currently serving as a professor at Georgia Tech in that field.

Francis v. GRT Utilicorp, Inc. | W.D. La. | Judgment | Law | CaseMine

DP’s expert concluded that if GRT reverse engineered an adaptor cap that was consistent with DP’s design, as GRT contends, then that adaptor cap was not on the post pos when it was inspected after the accident occurred.

When a post is driven, a 1, lb. The LPLA defines “adequate warning” as “a warning or instruction that would lead an ordinary reasonable user or handler ufilicorp a product to contemplate the danger in using or handling the product and either to decline to use or handle the product or, if possible, to use or handle the product in such a manner as to avoid the damage for which the claim is made.

These opinions suffer from the same deficiency as the opinions in his initial report, and therefore, the motion will be denied without prejudice to the right of the defendants to re-urge their objections at the time of trial outside the presence of the jury.

He also testified that, in the post driver industry, these caps were fabricated by third parties described as “mom and pop welding shops” on a “frequent basis” as they would wear out from the repetitive posf. Therefore, the motion as it applies to opinions four and six will be denied without prejudice to the defendants’ right to re-urge their objection outside the presence of the jury at the time of trial.


DP contends that its post driver was not unreasonably dangerous as originally manufactured because its original adaptor cap was designed in such a way that the I-beam could not have been ejected from the machine under any circumstance. See for example, Rec.

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In point of fact, much of Dr. If the uti,icorp cap fabricated by GRT was identical to the design of DP and it was on the machine at the time of the accident, yrt would dispute DP’s contention that its adaptor cap was designed such that an ejection of the post could not occur. Zero Tail Swing Post Driver.

United Rentals was then succeeded by the machine’s utilixorp owner, Highway Technologies. To accomplish this task, Highway Technologies used a truck-mounted post driver to set and remove the vertical I-beams to which the horizontal guardrails are then mounted.

A Human Factors Perspective. Supreme Court of Louisiana. Singhose testified regarding the engineering principles he followed to arrive at his conclusion and provided the support for those principles from other texts. Under Louisiana law, the manufacturer of a product can be found liable only for damage: In this case, the plaintiffs contend only that the post driver is unreasonably dangerous in design and for lack of adequate warnings. Therefore, a factual question for resolution by the jury is utiilcorp these warnings were “adequate,” and the plaintiff offers Dr.


A hydraulic arm extends out past the end of the truck and up into the air. Your request will be routed to the appropriate person and someone will be in contact with you very quickly.

Click to upgrade Your Package to have uyilicorp feature. William Singhose, and the plaintiffs’s human factors and warnings expert, Dr.

On the day of Francis’s accident, the crew was using a post driver that was designed and manufactured by defendant DP Manufacturing, Inc. To establish reliability under Daubert, an expert bears the burden of furnishing “some objective, independent validation of [his] methodology.

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An “adaptor cap” or “anvil adaptor” fits onto the top of the I-beam. This is a paid feature. However, the report failed to explain how any of these authorities support Long’s conclusions relating to the “narrow” pavement, “skewed” angle, “rough” surface, and “steep” incline of the Hartley Lane crossing. Work Zone was succeeded by United Rentals.

Come out and see us! The defendants do not seriously challenge uyilicorp credentials of either expert. More specifically, utilizing the opinion of Dr. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you! After multiple attempts to get the post out of the ground, Alexander told Francis to go get some chains out of the truck so that they could finish the job.

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