Without the adapter, the controller’s cable ended in a game port plug. Posted October 29, Some may say that sometime it tries to amplify it or tries to get unrealistic response compare to the real world. The original gameport version had a pass-through, so additional joypads or joysticks could be used without unplugging the SideWinder, and also allowed the connection of up to four SideWinder gamepads working simultaneously. Like in Saitek Evo Force And the guys with Thrustmaster Warthogs don’t have force trim.

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Using the Precision 2 design once again, Microsoft introduced a value-oriented SideWinder joystick, simply called the SideWinder Joystick. It’s because some guys buy all ones they find. Sidewihder about the same with 8 extra buttons and spade grip? You can leave all of this out and it will work fine, but the FFB motors will be permanently on. You can sidewindwr get the same here on ebay, as there are a few still to choose from. You’ll have to pull the power cable between sessions to power it down.

Microsoft Sidewinder Precision 2 | eBay

Seems that Saitek listened This is just great!! I have experienced devices working on some USB and not on others.

Compared to the Force Feedback Pro and the Precision 2, nothing new was added to the Force Feedback 2 that wasn’t added to the Precision 2, in fact the shift button was taken jotstick. About the 4th axis: Xbox Controller Games Special limited edition consoles Technical specifications.


It used a gameport connector to interface with the computer. The Strategic Commander is a highly ergonomic device, and resembles a large mouse in shape, contoured jicrosoft the left hand. I bought the Force Feedback 2 to test if some of the issues I was having in War Thunder were due to the joystick or the program.

Microsoft Sidewinder Precision 2

Retrieved 19 October The Dual Strike attempted to blend both mouse and gamepad functions into a single unit. Through extensive configuration of the shift and command buttons, it is possible to create a total of 24 different microsoct per configuration.

The Dual Strike, which debuted inwas Microsoft’s second notable venture into strange gamepad designs, following the Freestyle Pro.

The Microsoft SideWinder’s button layout is very similar to that of the Sega Saturn controller, which was released over the same time period. I know I have really told you nothing but hopefully trying a new USB works for ya. The line was first launched in See each listing for international shipping options and costs.

This page was last edited on 26 Decemberat Microsoft sidewinder precision 2 joystick part no. It was the first wheel controller to contain force feedback.


Archived from the original on December 16, The stick was especially popular with MechWarrior and Descent players as it sidesinder one of the few multi-button joysticks supported by the games natively. If you want ffb, you have a limited choice, and every year that goes by there will be fewer and fewer around.

The microsoftt “SideWinder” describes many types of Microsoft’s PC game controllers including joysticksgamepads and steering wheels. The headset, along with the system speakers, plugged into the puck, where a switch could be used to set whether sound would sidewindef output from the speakers or the headset.

I suppose the Warthog would be a better stick, but the price If you wanted to be really fancy you could fashion a connector to use an unmodified Cougar or Warthog grip.

Posted November 12, edited.

So joystck a MSFF2. Notice that these diagram dont show what wires are lines and what are columns on buttons and HAT’s, you need “decode” then.