I have no experience with Microtek but I am on my second sample of FSUS, my first was extremely problematic out of the box, Canon showed good support and replaced it in the end. Before getting into any serious scanning I ran the Kodak Digital Science profiling software to calibrate the software, and any easy wizard-driven function. What is Plus Membership? Verdict Apart from the noise, awkward shape and the initial crashing, problems the scanner produces excellent quality scans. In the past I had limited success scanning this film, but the ArtixScan did a superior job capturing the full range of tone and detail. The scanner comes with two film carriers, one for four mounted slides and the other for a strip of six uncut frames. Scanning these same negatives at dpi with the ArtixScan that excessive graininess is noticeably reduced.

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Scanning these same negatives at dpi with the ArtixScan that excessive graininess is noticeably reduced.

I’m leaning towards the Cannon because of the dust removal feature but, is it truly necessary or can you remove the dust with compressed air etc. Create new account Request new password. Log in or register to post comments. Make sure you have enough free RAM to run the application and the image editing program. The era of beige boxes is over. The ArtixScan also handles film images with a density range up to 3. This dpi resolution model has dpi interpolation, bit colour depth and a 3.

And, finally you can choose to output the entire bit scan data and save it as an archived file, or transfer the full bit per channel data to another application like Photoshop to do the color correction editing. Join For Free Upload photos, chat with photographers, win prizes and much more. I found it has even more benefits, however. Leave this field blank.


Microtek ArtixScan 4000t Film Scanner Review

You can choose fully or partially automated scan adjustments, with dimension of image auto adjustment readily variable in terms of the kind of results required. Mjcrotek access your account? If you’re a Mac G3 or G4 users you’ll need to buy a suitable card. The scanning process is also quite rapid considering at dpi it is producing 50 some megabyte file sizes in bit RGB and well over a MB in bit mode.

Microtek ArtixScan t / tf – for better Scans, buy SilverFast Scanner Software

Access to the image adjustment tools is logically placed in a vertical arrangement of buttons in the order in which they should be used top to bottom. I have an extensive series of Kodachrome 25 slides of light effects.

I haven’t seen any out of focus issues from curved film with this scanner which people report with other brands. Notice the shadow area is free from noise. The casing of Nikon, Canon and Minolta film scanners may be boring, but the practical shape means theirs can stack neatly with an external CD writer or be housed on a shelf with a Zip drive on top. The shape is just like one of those crazy contraptions that hurtle around the stadium floor.

Whitetail in the Snow. Latest Trending Photos Videos. Why Microtek have gone for this shape beats me.


Microtek ArtixScan 4000t Scanner

Machines break – it’s a fact of life – guarantees run out – I’m a home user with sporadic batches of slides to scan – perhaps I should have used the scanner more so it kicked up its boots microtdk the guarantee period. The preview window can be sized to take the greatest possible advantage of screen real estate desired for any particular monitor resolution.

A SCSI lead is provided. But as I kicrotek these become problem if you are trying to rescue an underexposed slide which has been a rare thing for me. Plustek Opticfilm 35mm Scanner review 9 Dec I began my test work with the t installing it on a modest Windows PC.

Using Micritek ProTX, the first thing to appear when you start to scan is an overview that makes a small preview of the contents of the film carrier. That experience has impressed upon me the fact that the scanner’s software is as important if not more critical to obtaining good scans than is the hardware.

Yi M1 Mirrorless Camera Review. For more information contact Microtek, Inc. Directory Pages Search for all the latest photography microetk and services in our dedicated photography directories. Microtek give very good guides to getting things up and running.